Responsibility for the environment and climate

Long-term thinking and responsible action are among PVF’s guiding principles. That is why the company is committed to environmental and climate protection.

Sustainability in action – climate-neutral into the future

In all our business areas and service offerings, we have worked continuously on innovations and process improvements since our more than 35-year existence. We also set standards in climate protection and have been a certificated climate-neutral company since March 2021.

In doing so, we support four of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the economic, social, and ecological levels.

3 our UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are:

Affordable and clean energy | 100%
Decent work and economic growth | 100%
Climate protection measures | 100%

Biodiversity – The PVF bee colonies

As a climate-neutral company, the continuation of biological biodiversity is very important to us.

With our bee colonies, we make an active contribution to the promotion of biodiversity in our region. By planting our company grounds specifically for bees, we create a habitat in which our bees can sustainably take up their hives and at the same time pollinate trees and plants.

Purchasing shares in certified climate protection projects

By purchasing shares in certified climate protection projects, we offset our emissions and actively contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases. Furthermore, we support local projects, such as the elimination of plastic waste on the coast of Taiwan and the expansion of jobs through the construction of a wind farm in Pakistan.

For more information on our sustainable efforts to combat global warming, please visit: